Thursday, February 7, 2013

Celebrating 2 With Chocolate Cake

There are few things in life that can put a big ol' smile on a toddler's face like 40 pounds of cake being brought into the house. Especially when that cake is topped with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That's right, Jellybean turned 2 and we had a party.

In case you haven't guessed yet I love baking. I know that may come as a shock to you, but bear with me. I am a nerd. Huge nerd. I love figuring out the whole formula for a new cake. I use science and math to accomplish this and I enjoy it. I get in my chemical formula zone and evaluate percentages and  just escape the world for a few hours. When you are planning a party those escapes can be so beneficial, this one also yielded chocolate cake. (Can you say major bonus points?)

Buttermilk Dark Chocolate Cake
(Makes Two 9 inch Round Cakes)

You'll Need:
35g Potato Starch
105g Sorghum Flour
140g Coconut Flour
70g Sweet Rice Flour
430g Sugar
110g Cocoa
5g Salt
15g Baking Soda
355ml Buttermilk
35g Ground Flax
2sticks + 6 Tbsp Butter Softened to Room Temperature
15ml Vanilla
4 Eggs
325ml Hot Brewed Coffee

Preheat oven to 350°F

Begin by mixing your potato starch, sorghum flour, coconut flour, sweet rice flour, sugar, cocoa, salt, and baking soda. in a large mixing bowl and mixing them until they are one. I like to do this with a whisk but some people sift it all together.

Combine your ground flax and your cold buttermilk in a bowl and let the flax bloom. I buy Bob's Red Mill ground flax seed and then further grind it for recipes like this. It gives the final product a smoother consistency.

Meanwhile place your butter in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment and beat on medium until it is light and fluffy. Then add eggs, vanilla, and your buttermilk flax mixture and mix fully.

Add 1/4 of your dry ingredients to your wet ingredients and mix on low, after it is fully incorporated repeat with the next 1/4 portion until you have added in all of your dry mix. Let mix on low for a full minute then slowly pour in your hot coffee and mix on medium low for another full minute.

Grease your pans with solid vegetable shortening, the spray grease will not work. Call it a hunch... Then dust fully with cocoa to prevent sticking.

Bake for 50min or until a toothpick comes out clean when poked into the center.

Happy Eating!

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