Gluten Free Product Lists

Bob's Red Mill - Great for buying not only individual flours but also flour mixes.

Frito Lay - List includes Fritos, Lays Staxx, Tostitos Scoops, and Ruffles Original. List is separated into gluten free according to FDA standards and made with no gluten ingredients. Great for those who are gluten intolerant vs. celiac.

Hormel Foods - List includes corned beef hash, Dinty Moore beef or chicken stew, SPAM, and pepperoni (original and turkey)

Kraft - Kraft will clearly declare any gluten containing ingredients on their labels. If they have modified food starch they will declare if it derived from wheat or other glutenous things. The link is a guide to reading Kraft labels. Their website also has several gluten free recipes.

Post - Via Post website FAQs 12/4/2011
  • What Post products are Gluten Free?
    Post is expanding our Gluten Free options. Currently, the following products are Gluten Free: Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, Marshmallow Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles Treats, and Cocoa Pebbles Treat
Thai Kitchen - There is no list but all their products are clearly labeled with large graphics. the allergy graphic legend is on their website as well. I like that they have instant ramen style soups that are gluten free.

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