Friday, January 11, 2013

Some New Soap for the New Year

Happy new year everyone and welcome back from the holidays! Okay, so my return is a bit belated. Sometimes mommy life takes over and the vacation leaves you a bit more behind on housework than you counted on. To help out with all that work I did have a great cleaner. Home made liquid Dr. Bronner soap! That's right. The "magic" soap that so many people swear by.

I tried Dr. Bronner's Magic soap for the first time about 2 months ago. There is a reason that "Magic" is in the name. I really love this stuff. I use the bar in the shower and I had bought liquid for cleaning around the house and for dishes. Then I remembered that I have read about 3,000,000 accounts of people turning bar soap into liquid soap. Could I make myself a gallon of my favorite liquid soap?? Do I really need to grate the silly thing first?

Turns yes I can make my own soap and no I don't have to grate it! All you need is a crock pot, 1 gallon of distilled water, and a bar of your favorite Dr. Bronner soap.

Put your water and your bar (yes the whole bar) into the crock pot and then turn it on low. Come back every couple hours and stir it. Once it's all dissolved, turn off the crockpot, let the soap cool, and put it back in your gallon jug from the water. SO EASY!

I have 2 gallons of soap sitting in my laundry room as we speak. You can add some more essential oils if you want the scent to be stronger but when I did that it made the consistency change. Suddenly I had booger soap, not liquid soap. It still works well, but it behaves in strange and mysterious ways.

Now it's time to go back to my housework and hope that my sleep deprived Jellybean decides today is a good nap day.

Happy eating cleaning!

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